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'Leadership' is a key feature of much of the research, teaching, and development work undertaken at the School of Management. The Leadership Theme aims to convey some of the insights, paradoxes and possibilities the leadership faculty and researchers are developing in order to genuinely help those developing leaders, or taking up leader roles within their organizations.

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  • Routes to the Boardroom

    By Elisabeth Kelan | 01/04/2015

    Professor Elisabeth Kelan and Scarlett Brown look at routes to the boardroom and gender representation

  • The Outbreak of the First World War - Lessons for Leaders Today


    2014 marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. In this interview, Jon Chapman looks at the leadership responsible for initiating these world changing events and the lessons that can be learnt. An accompanying paper is available to download.

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  • Rising Stars: Developing Millennial Women as Leaders

    By Elisabeth Kelan | 10/04/2015

    An interview with Elisabeth Kelan, author of Rising Stars: Developing Millennial Women as Leaders

  • Authentic Leadership

    By Donna Ladkin and Chellie Spiller | 02/01/2014

    This book updates, critiques and extends the theory of authentic leadership. It draws upon international scholars and practitioners from the fields of philosophy, sociology, psychology, leadership, business and the arts to raise important issues and pose provocative questions.

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