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Marketing, Sales and Client Relationships

The Centre for Strategic Marketing and Sales is renowned for its state-of-the-art approach to marketing and sales. Our focus on knowledge into action brings you the latest thinking and solutions through our customer-centric approach to programme design. Our faculty work with the boards of many world's leading multinationals. We run active Open Programmes, Customised ProgrammesResearch Programmes and are always looking for new participants in our Research Clubs. Cranfield has a long-standing reputation for research and we are sponsored by world leading companies, such as IBM, HSBC and BP. Our research appears in reports for sponsors, articles, books, consultancy and makes our courses, workshops and seminars second to none.


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  • Political Marketing Matters: 2015 General Election

    By Paul Baines | 30/03/2015

    Professor Paul Baines look at the political marketing surrounding the 2015 General Election

  • 60 seconds with Shelly Chapman - Children and Food Advergames


    Shelly Chapman outlines her research which is looking at the effects of advergames on children’s purchase-related behaviour.

  • Better Customer Insight in Real Time

    By Emma Macdonald and Hugh Wilson | 04/09/2012

    Dr Emma Macdonald and Professor Hugh Wilson have been working with a number of leading companies over the past two years on a new research tool ‘real-time experience tracking’ (RET) that helps companies to better understand the needs of their customers. The research has been published in the Harvard Business Review.

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  • From Selling to Co-Creating

    By Régis Lemmens, Bill Donaldson & Javier Marcos | 11/07/2014

    This book helps companies to transform their sales organisations allowing these companies to stay current with the technological and consumer trends and sustain their competitive edge. It is a visual business book full of diagrams, illustrations and models, which will be picked up time after time by sales managers in the field and sales directors in the board room as well as students in sales management.

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