Book Summaries: Marketing, Sales and Client Relationships

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Book Summaries: Marketing, Sales and Client Relationships

  • From Selling to Co-Creating

    By Régis Lemmens, Bill Donaldson & Javier Marcos | 11/07/2014

    This book helps companies to transform their sales organisations allowing these companies to stay current with the technological and consumer trends and sustain their competitive edge. It is a visual business book full of diagrams, illustrations and models, which will be picked up time after time by sales managers in the field and sales directors in the board room as well as students in sales management.

  • Marketing

    By Paul Baines and Chris Fill | 13/05/2014

    Marketing is a textbook, now in its 3rd edition, that covers both the theory and practice of marketing. It covers the entire spectrum of marketing-related topics from the psychology of consumption to the different facets of marketing communication.

  • The Complete Marketer

    By Malcolm McDonald and Mike Meldrum | 24/11/2013

    The Complete Marketer is an accessible source of hard intelligence about the marketing discipline, broken down into over 60 constituent chapters - including internet marketing, understanding consumers, market audits, segmentation, advertising and PR, and managing a sales team.

  • Explaining Cameron's Coalition: Explaining the Outcome of the 2010 British General Election

    By Robert Worcester, Roger Mortimore, Paul Baines and Mark Gill | 05/05/2011

    A detailed view of the 2010 British general election and how it resulted in a coalition Government. Its discussions centre around the results of opinion polls capturing the public’s opinion of the political parties, their leaders and the election, and giving depth to what happened in the periods before, during and after the election.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Strategic Sales and Sales Management

    By Kenneth Le Meunier-Fitzhugh ,David W. Cravens, Nigel E. Piercy | 01/01/2011

    This book offers a state- of-the-art perspective on sales management and sales strategy.

  • Marketing Accountability: How to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

    By Malcolm McDonald and Peter Mouncey | 03/06/2009

    Outlines a systematic process for measuring marketing investment in terms of business effectiveness, enabling senior executives to assess the impact of marketing activities against the goals of the organisation.

  • Managing Customers Profitably

    By Lynette Ryals | 27/11/2008

    Emphasises the need to consider customer profitability as a central tenet of strategic sales and marketing decisions. It explores concepts such as customer lifetime value, customer equity, relational value and customer portfolio management

  • The Multichannel Challenge: Integrating customer experiences for profit

    By Hugh Wilson, Lindsay Bruce and Rod Street | 30/03/2008

    This book explains why multi-channel strategy is becoming an increasingly pressing issue for organisations as the number of marketing channels proliferates, and channels are increasingly recognised as a source of competitive advantage. It includes designing the best channel combination, integration between channels, organisational change entailed in re-engineering your channels.

  • Key Account Plans: The Practitioners` Guide to Profitable Planning

    By Lynette Ryals and Malcolm McDonald | 30/11/2007

    Based on many years research into effective KAM, Professors Ryals and McDonald stress the importance of preparing strategic plans for key accounts. Intended as a practical guide for Key Account Managers, it provides pro-formas and worksheets that will enable the practitioner to prepare a strategic KAM plan. Mini case studies and worked examples support the relevance of the material.

  • Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning: Understanding Marketing Plans and Strategy

    By Malcolm McDonald | 03/11/2007

    The essentials of marketing planning: a user’s guide, including tests to check your understanding and to ascertain the current situation in your company. Based on pioneering work at Cranfield over many years.

  • Contemporary Strategic Marketing

    By Paul Baines , Lynn Vos and Ross Brennan | 19/10/2007

    A complete resource on strategic marketing, with a combination of text, case studies and readings - as well as a companion website. The emphasis is on practicality that also includes the latest innovations and developments in the field.

  • Marketing Plans: How to Prepare Them, How to Use Them

    By Malcolm McDonald | 01/03/2007

    Explains and demonstrates how to prepare and use a marketing plan. Describes relevance to all business types and sizes of companies, providing a universal process which works and draws on the author’s extensive experience and creativity. Gives access to comprehensive detail, fast track planning and suggested pro formas. Offers a check on the quality of the reader’s strategic marketing plan Evaluation tools help achieve each individual’s own key marketing planning requirements.

  • Marketing Due Diligence: Reconnecting Strategy to Share Price

    By Malcolm McDonald, Keith Ward & Brian Smith | 08/01/2007

    Most marketing plans do not explicitly take account of the risks associated with proposed marketing strategies. The aim of Marketing Due Diligence is to outline a new process for measuring those risks and hence the likely shareholder value creation of marketing strategies.

  • Marketing in a Nutshell

    By Malcolm McDonald and Mike Meldrum | 01/01/2007

    Mike Meldrum and Malcolm McDonald set out 59 key marketing concepts and topics in a compact book designed for rapid easy access to any particular topic. The idea is to look up a topic and 15 minutes later you’ll have the insight you need. This insight has the very solid feeling that can only come from enormous knowledge and experience — often backed up by Cranfield research.

  • Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide

    By Malcolm McDonald and Diana Woodburn | 13/11/2006

    By analysing how key accounts really work in detail, the authors create the tools that managers will need in the marketplace. Equally, it gives a clear picture of why KAM must be an important element of the corporate strategic plan. Based on best practice from major companies globally there is a sound overview of this critical business to business strategy.

  • Handbook of CRM - Achieving Excellence in Customer Management

    By Adrian Payne | 25/04/2005

    This book gives the reader a strong understanding of the vital importance of CRM for every organisation today, and the journey towards clear, strategic organisation-specific CRM thinking. It provides many tools and templates to help senior marketing and business strategy professionals embark confidently on the development and delivery of marketing programmes with successful CRM.

  • Market Segmentation: How to Do It - How to Profit from It

    By Malcolm McDonald & Ian Dunbar | 18/09/2004

    Nothing in business works unless markets are correctly defined, mapped, quantified and segmented. The book, based on a wealth of practical experience and with examples and checklists, spells out a systematic process for arriving at needs-based segments and provides a structured, no-nonsense, approach to getting market segmentation right.

  • Marketing: A Complete Guide in Pictures

    By Malcolm McDonald and Peter Morris | 03/07/2004

    A unique marketing introduction taking a pictorial approach using humorous cartoons and clear diagrams. It offers a powerful learning tool to grasp the key concepts in marketing with sound and practical points.

  • Creating Powerful Brands

    By Leslie de Chernatony & Malcolm McDonald | 23/09/2003

    A thorough and practical analysis of the essential elements of branding, giving coverage to the fundamentals of brand management, grounded in practical applications and underpinned by theory and valuable frameworks.

  • Customer Relationship Management: Perspectives from the Market Place

    By Lynette Ryals, Adrian Payne, Joe Peppard, Simon Knox and Stan Maklan | 29/10/2002

    A strategic approach to CRM is crucial for companies seeking to differentiate and achieve competitive advantage, especially in service sectors. CRM requires a customer-oriented approach to strategy, organisational structure and culture, processes and measures, with technology an enabler of this approach, not CRM itself.

  • Creating a Company for Customers: How to Build and Lead a Market Driven Organisation

    By Simon Knox, Malcolm McDonald, Martin Christopher & Adrian Payne | 13/12/2000

    In order to create a truly market-driven company, everyone from the CEO to the customer services advisor must be focused on meeting customer needs. The authors provide the frameworks, analysis tools and route-maps to understand and action the creatiion of a market-driven organisation.

  • Competing on Value: Bridging The Gap Between Brand and Customer Value

    By Simon Knox and Stan Maklan | 01/10/1998

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  • How to Improve Your Customer Service

    By Steve Macaulay | 01/01/1993

    Practical guidance on how to ensure the smooth delivery of customer service. A straightforward and action orientated guide to help managers in organisations of all sizes develop and maintain a customer environment that is good both for the business and customer.


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