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Cranfield On: Information Systems

  • 60 seconds with Rob Lambert – Managing Investment Governance


    Rob Lambert gives five tips for organisations on how to get value for money from change investments.

  • 60 seconds with Dr Arnoud Franken - 5 plus or minus 2


    Dr Arnoud Franken on significance of the numbers 3, 5 and 7.

  • Big Data: Exploiting the Information Explosion

    By Joe Peppard | 15/08/2012

    Professor Joe Peppard discusses the topic of big data - the information explosion that companies are facing with ever increasing amounts of data.

  • Embracing New Skills for IT Managers

    By Robina Chatham | 17/02/2012

    Robina Chatham outlines how in the modern business environment the IT leader needs to look to deliver business transformation and not just be content with business as usual. Discusses the necessary personal changes needed to move away from the IT stereotypical approach towards a more relational and innovative stance.

  • Business Innovation with Information Technology

    By Joe Peppard | 17/02/2012

    The CIO can play a key role in innovation within the organisation, and not just confined to IT innovation. This requires the CIO to take and involving and proactive role within the business.

  • Benefits Management

    By Arnoud Franken | 16/02/2012

    How do you get value from your investments? Arnoud Franken discusses a structured way to ensure benefits accrue from your investments. Stakeholder listening, involvement and management form a key part of this process.

  • Strategy Execution

    By Rob Lambert | 16/02/2012

    Rob Lambert outlines the critical importance of strategy execution and how to go about the process to ensure greater effectiveness.

  • Applications Portfolio

    By Chris Edwards | 16/02/2012

    Chris Edwards looks at how to manage the multiplicity of applications within a company in a strategic manner. Introduces a tool called the applications portfolio which enables managers to give appropriate treatment according to their strategic importance.

  • Leadership Role of the CIO

    By Joe Peppard | 16/02/2012

    The changing role of IT leadership is discussed in relation to meeting the key challenges that are required for the IT manager to step up to top team involvement.

  • Getting Value from IT

    By Rob Lambert and Chris Edwards | 01/10/2009

    Rob Lambert and Chris Edwards, from Cranfield School of Managements Information Systems department, have a passion for information technology that makes a difference to business. Having worked with hundreds of organisations over their careers, time and again they find a handful of core issues that can often make the difference between an impactful IT department, and one which simply handles the plumbing.

  • Successful IT Investment in the Downturn

    By John Ward | 12/05/2009

    Professor John Ward on IT investment in the recession.


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