Book Summaries: Innovation and Operations Management

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Book Summaries: Innovation and Operations Management

  • Learning from World-Class Manufacturers

    By Marek Szwejczewski and Malcolm Jones | 04/04/2013

    Manufacturing managers are still focused on the short-term tactical issues related to their business. Strategic issues tend to receive less attention. However, manufacturing can play an important strategic role. This book helps managers consider the strategic roles their operations can play and to provide guidance as to what actions can be taken.

  • Identifying Hidden Needs: Creating Breakthrough Products

    By Keith Goffin, Fred Lemke and Ursula Koners | 08/10/2010

    Many new products fail –and often this can be put down to poor understanding of customers’ needs. A radical approach is needed to identifying customers’ real needs, using innovative, but well-proven methods. A tailored collection of market research techniques can probe far deeper than traditional market research. This new approach is called hidden needs analysis (HNA) and the techniques uncover hidden needs that customers cannot articulate and probably have not even recognised themselves.

  • Innovation Management: Strategy and Implementation using the Pentathlon Framework

    By Keith Goffin and Rick Mitchell | 17/03/2010

    This book offers practical tools to create an organisational culture that fosters innovation. The authors bring together techniques from the diverse fields of strategy formation, project management, cultural development and people engagement. This makes Innovation Management a book that is relevant to more general business as well as innovation specifically. There are practical case studies that can be used to promote debate and enhanced learning.

  • Service Operations Management: Improving Service Delivery 3rd Edition

    By Robert Johnston & Graham Clark | 22/05/2008

    The focus of the book is service delivery and the objective is to help managers understand how service performance can be improved by studying service delivery and associated management issues in the service sector. It forms a handbook for operations managers in service organizations as they seek to develop and implement customer focused operations strategies.


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