Book Summaries: Programme and Project Management

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Book Summaries: Programme and Project Management

  • Project Management

    By Harvey Maylor | 08/04/2010

    Combining a strong academic approach with relevant practical cases, this text skilfully shows the range of issues that face project managers throughout the project cycle. Harvey Maylor considers projects as being a core business activity and approaches the subject from a strategic perspective, covering both the role of projects in the execution of organisational strategy and the application of strategic principles in projects.

  • They Meant Well: Government Project Disasters

    By D R Myddleton | 07/09/2007

    An analysis of six large British government quasi-commercial projects over the last 100 years, all of which failed to achieve their goals. Ranges across the R101 airship, the groundnuts scheme, civil nuclear power, Concorde, the Channel Tunnel rail link and the Millennium Dome. Lessons learnt from each are examined.

  • Strategic Project Management: Creating Organizational Breakthroughs

    By Tony Grundy and Laura Brown | 01/09/2001

    Strategic Project Management is about managing complex projects by combining business strategy and project management techniques in order to implement business strategy and deliver organisational breakthroughs. It is liberally enlivened with case studies from BMW, British Rail, ICI, the Premier League and Prudential and with stories from the authors lives. It concludes with many useful checklists.


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