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Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

It is critical in today’s complex, interconnected world that organisations understand, identify and manage their material social, environmental and economic impacts. Corporate responsibility & sustainability (CR&S) is about enabling companies to incorporate creation of social and environmental, as well as economic, value into core strategy and operations. This improves management of business risks and opportunities whilst enhancing long-term social and environmental sustainability.


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  • Social Intrapreneurism and All That Jazz

    By David Grayson, Melody McLaren and Heiko Spitzeck | 21/03/2014

    This book identifies the mind-sets and skills that have helped social intrapreneurs to be successful; reveals how creative social innovators are improvising alliances. This is the first book to focus on how intrapreneurs are changing business for the good from the inside of large organizations.

  • Employee Engagement with Sustainable Business

    By Nadine Exter | 27/06/2013

    The book examines the role of employees in creating sustainable organisations. It identifies how leading companies are strategically engaging employees in sustainability, by both nurturing certain employee types and also by managing their corporate culture strategically so that sustainable success is enabled. Examples from around the world are shared – such as from M&S, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Arup, Qatar Airways, Olam, SABMiller, and UPS – and advice is given to both companies and employees.

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