Book Summaries: Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

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Book Summaries: Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

  • Social Intrapreneurism and All That Jazz

    By David Grayson, Melody McLaren and Heiko Spitzeck | 21/03/2014

    This book identifies the mind-sets and skills that have helped social intrapreneurs to be successful; reveals how creative social innovators are improvising alliances. This is the first book to focus on how intrapreneurs are changing business for the good from the inside of large organizations.

  • Employee Engagement with Sustainable Business

    By Nadine Exter | 27/06/2013

    The book examines the role of employees in creating sustainable organisations. It identifies how leading companies are strategically engaging employees in sustainability, by both nurturing certain employee types and also by managing their corporate culture strategically so that sustainable success is enabled. Examples from around the world are shared – such as from M&S, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Arup, Qatar Airways, Olam, SABMiller, and UPS – and advice is given to both companies and employees.

  • Corporate Responsibility Coalitions

    By David Grayson and Jane Nelson | 31/01/2013

    It is estimated that there are more than 110 national and international generalist business-led CR coalitions. This book explores the past, present and future of these coalitions: the emergence of new models of collective corporate action over the past four decades; the current state of play, and their increasing number, diversity and complexity.

  • Cranfield on Corporate Sustainability

    By Cranfield Faculty | 29/06/2012

    The challenge for business schools and business itself is to establish a new maxim - the business of business is sustainable business. Business schools have a special contribution to make in developing globally responsible, critical and independent thinking future leaders and managers. This book aims to provide a roadmap both for business students - the leaders of tomorrow - and for existing and engaged leaders who need support, coaching and counselling to address the challenges of the sustainab

  • Humanism in Business: Perspectives on the Development of Responsible Business in Society

    By Heiko Spitzeck , Michael Pirson, Wolfgang Amann, Shiban Khan and Ernst von Kimakowitz | 26/02/2009

    A fresh perspective from Heiko Spitzeck and an international team of academics and practitioners challenges current business orthodoxy. It offers an authoritative basis for a new wave of business: it investigates the possibility of creating a human-centred, value-oriented society from humanistic principles

  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Practice: Delving Deep

    By Andrew Kakabadse and Nada Kakabadse | 28/11/2006

    Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, is shifting — or being shifted — away from discussion towards action. The book is both a what and a how text¦ it delivers insight from the diverse and international research that underpins it. The case studies forming much of this book range from examination of CSR policy development to the operational reality of how CSR really works on the ground.

  • Corporate Social Opportunity: 7 steps to make corporate social responsibility work for your business

    By David Grayson | 06/07/2004

    Corporate Social Opportunity moves the argument from the why of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the how and beyond - to a future where CSR is perceived as an opportunity for business both in terms of reaping the benefits of retaining brand or organisational value and by developing new products and services, serving new markets and adopting new business models.


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