Book Summaries: Business Performance Management

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Book Summaries: Business Performance Management

  • Measurement Madness: Recognizing and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Performance Measurement

    By Andrey Pavlov | 05/05/2015

    An overview of Measurement Madness: Recognizing and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Performance Measurement, by the authors Dr Dina Gray, Dr Pietro Micheli and Dr Andrey Pavlov

  • Successful Change Management in a Week

    By Mike Bourne and Pippa Bourne | 24/02/2012

    With its chapter-a-day format, this book lays out straightforward explanations of tools, techniques and processes of change management. Gives common sense practical tips on how to operate and gives real life examples to illustrate what can really happen.

  • The Handbook of Corporate Performance


    This book is designed to examine the nature of corporate performance management and the role of measurement; how to set up a management system; how to operate it; measurement in specific areas such as customers and people; and how to make best use of the results.

  • Compensation & Organizational Performance: Theory, Research & Practice

    By Luis Gomez-Mejia, Pascual Berrone and Monica Franco-Santos | 15/02/2010

    Compensation is the largest single cost in most organisations. This book addresses compensation and rewards from a strategic perspective. Coupled with the fact that pay is the most important single expense in most organisations, in the long term organisational performance depends on whether or not the compensation system is used effectively.

  • Motivating People

    By Mike Bourne | 01/10/2009

    A concise guide to motivating others in the workplace, with a succinct combination of short examples and checklists. It is presented in a visual style as a relatively accessible way to tackle very complex areas. This makes it easy to look up sections or read the whole.

  • Leadership Teams: Developing and Sustaining High Performance

    By Andrew Kakabadse and Geoff Sheard | 11/09/2009

    A practical guide which provides insights for team leadership in the modern world, drawn from many years of working with leadership teams in business and organisations across many sectors

  • Achieving High Performance

    By Mike Bourne | 01/04/2009

    This book explains how to improve your skills, develop drive and lead effectively in order to achieve high performance and be more successful at what you do.

  • Balanced Scorecard

    By Mike Bourne | 28/09/2007

    The Balanced Scorecard has become a popular means of measuring business performance. Each chapter answers a question, from the strengths and weaknesses of the Balanced Scorecard, how you decide what to measure and how to measure it , through to how you implement it and ensure it remains useful.

  • Change Mangement Excellence

    By Steve Macaulay and Hilary Coldicott | 30/06/2004

    Steve Macaulay and his co-authors offer practical guidance on how to manage change successfully, paying attention to knowledge and awareness of four compass points: business, politics, emotions and the spirit.

  • Performance Prism: The Scorecard for Measuring and Managing Stakeholder Relationships

    By Andy Neely and Mike Kennerley | 27/05/2002

    The authors propose a framework called the Performance Prism which is structured to throw light on the complexity of an organisation’s relationships, with its multiple stakeholders, within the context of its particular operating environment.


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