Book Summaries: General Management

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Book Summaries: General Management

  • Stimulating Organisational Democracy

    By Martin Clarke | 10/05/2012

    This book represents a body of work developed over 10 years in the areas of management learning and organizational politics, change and democracy.

  • Citizenship: A Reality Far From Ideal

    By Andrew Kakabadse | 18/09/2009

    This book seeks to capture, discuss and surface the nature and effects of varying interrelated notions of citizenship and the tensions that exist between the needs of the citizen and those of the state.

  • Global Boards: One Desire, Many Realities

    By Andrew Kakabadse and Nada Kakabadse | 18/09/2009

    A wide-ranging study of board practice covering a considerable range of countries. It establishes that there are many realities concerning governance and the operation of boards, as diverse as there are nations and cultures.

  • Smart Management: Using Politics in Organisations

    By David Butcher and Martin Clarke | 08/04/2008

    In a world of organisational upheaval, working with complex and diverse interests has become the norm. Smart management shows how to use politics constructively to accelerate personal and organisational performance.

  • The Ambiguity Advantage: What Great Leaders are Great At

    By David J Wilkinson | 24/08/2006

    David Wilkinson explores the broader role of uncertainty and ambiguity in organisational effectiveness and identifies the opportunities that can emerge for organisations when ambiguity is treated as an essential element in the business environment rather than an unwanted evil, an element that can be productively exploited by the right kind of leader.


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