Book Summaries: Strategy, Complexity and Change Management

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Book Summaries: Strategy, Complexity and Change Management

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  • Aligning for Advantage: Competitive Strategies for the Political and Social Arenas

    By Thomas Lawton, Jonathan Doh and Tazeeb Rajwani | 21/03/2014

    Takes a strategic management approach to company engagement with political, regulatory and social arenas and interests and develops a conceptual framework and managerial process for designing and delivering successful nonmarket strategies.

  • Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization

    By Patrick Reinmoeller | 08/05/2012

    Volberda, Morgan and Reinmoeller have joined with Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson to develop a truly landmark strategic management textbook that is ideally suited for courses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as other global markets.

  • SAGE Handbook of Complexity and Management

    By Peter Allen, Steve Maguire, Bill McKelvey | 30/03/2012

    The first substantive scholarly work to provide a map of the state-of-the-art research in the growing field emerging at the intersection of complexity science and management studies. Edited and written by internationally-respected scholars from management and related disciplines, the Handbook is a reference source for understanding the implications of complexity science for management research and practice.

  • Performance at the Limit: Business Lessons from Formula 1 Motor Racing

    By Mark Jenkins, Ken Pasternak & Richard West | 31/05/2009

    Can you imagine your organisation as a Ferrari or a BMW or your management team as a pit crew? Inspirational and instructional guidance based on teamwork performance in Formula 1 motor sport.

  • Advanced Strategic Management, 2nd Edition

    By Mark Jenkins, Nardine Collier and VĂ©ronique Ambrosini | 11/05/2007

    Advanced Strategic Management builds on prior knowledge of strategic decision making and is intended to complement general strategy texts by providing an umbrella view of the multi-dimensional nature of strategic management. Featuring expert contributions, the discussion of each perspective is enhanced by empirical case examples.

  • Breakout Strategy: Meeting the Challenge of Double-Digit Growth

    By Thomas Lawton, Sydney Finkelstein and Charles Harvey | 01/11/2006

    The insights, concepts, tools and techniques needed for effective strategies for corporate growth and transformation. The central idea is that of breakout ,defined as a forceful emergence from a restrictive form or position.

  • Exploring Strategic Change

    By Julia Balogun and Veronica Hope-Hailey | 30/11/2003

    A practical and comprehensive diagnostic framework which can be used to analyse key features of the change context and to select and design appropriate strategic change. A strategic toolkit for immediate application.

  • Be Your Own Strategy Consultant: Demystifying Strategic Thinking

    By Tony Grundy & Laura Brown | 01/01/2002

    Valuable reading for any strategic manager. The book describes the elements of the strategic process and provides a plethora of tools and techniques with which to facilitate strategic thinking and to manage those processes, together with a number of case studies to illustrate various aspects of that process in practice.

  • Strategic Project Management: Creating Organizational Breakthroughs

    By Tony Grundy and Laura Brown | 01/09/2001

    Strategic Project Management is about managing complex projects by combining business strategy and project management techniques in order to implement business strategy and deliver organisational breakthroughs. It is liberally enlivened with case studies from BMW, British Rail, ICI, the Premier League and Prudential and with stories from the authors lives. It concludes with many useful checklists.

  • Strategy in Practice

    By Cliff Bowman | 01/02/1998

    Designed to help experienced students and managers who are involved in, or who will be involved in, trying to debate their firms strategy. The emphasis is on trying to answer some fundamental questions about the firms future direction. In addressing these questions, some analytical techniques and frameworks are explained.

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