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Supply Chain and Logistics Management

The Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management is Europe's largest grouping of faculty specialising  in the management of logistics and supply chains.  As a major centre of excellence it has come to be  recognised as Europe's leading centre for advanced research and teaching in these important fields.  In simple terms a supply chain is a network of organisations that collectively create and deliver a product or service that is valued by an end consumer.  Supply chain management requires the management of relationships with all stakeholders, to deliver customer value at less cost.  In order to do this Effective logistics is required, i.e. the detailed co-ordination of complex operations involving people, facilities and supplies.


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  • Humanitarian Logistics

    By Martin Christopher | 03/04/2011

    This book, with contributions from some of the world’s leading experts in humanitarian logistics, seeks to understand the nature of the challenges facing those who are involved in the management of the logistics of disaster relief, and to offer some solutions that can be developed to make a substantial difference. The underlying theme is that there are tangible lessons that humanitarian logisticians can learn from business best practice.

  • The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management 4th Edition

    By Peter Baker, Phil Croucher and Alan Rushton | 03/06/2010

    This Handbook covers all of the major elements of modern logistics and clearly explains the concepts of logistics and distribution, planning for logistics, procurement and inventory decisions, warehousing and storage, transport, and operational management.

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