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The Multichannel Challenge: Integrating customer experiences for profit

Supporting Articles

  • The Marketer - Making the Right Connections July 2006
  • The Marketer - Channel Hopping May 2005
  • Measuring Multi-Channel effectiveness article
  • Multi channel experience consistency article

Multichannel Survey

The Multichannel survey is intended to help identify the state of play in channel use by managers in the UK, to identify key pressures for change, and the main challenges faced by organizations in managing customers across channels. If you are a manager working in a multichannel environment, we invite you to be a part of this exciting, ground breaking research and receive a copy of the results.

Associated Courses

Strategic Customer Management short course (2 days)

Hugh Wilson is one of the Directors for the Strategic Customer Management course. This course is designed to help you deliver superior financial returns by taking a strategic approach to customer management across marketing, sales and customer service. It will show you how to gain competitive advantage as we share the latest best practice in customer management drawn from our current research with leading-edge blue-chip organisations.

Cranfield Customer Management Forum (CCMF)

The Cranfield Customer Management Forum is a club of organisations from a wide range of sectors who are together driving forward best practice in customer management across marketing, sales and customer service

Cranfield Customer Management Forum

Return on Management Investment (RoMI)

Through exchanging best practice and supporting research, Cranfield's Marketing Measurement & Accountability Forum Best Practice Research Club will:

  • Develop approaches to the quantification of marketing inputs, processes and outputs in order to establish the value of marketing to the organisation.
  • Explore best practice approaches to measurement in marketing in both business to business and business to consumer organisations.

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