December 2011

Cranfield School of Management

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Think: Cranfield
Think: Cranfield is the online newsletter of Cranfield School of Management. It features the latest in management thinking and research output from Cranfield's world class experts and researchers.

Leadership: what you know or who you know?

Is who you know more important than what you know? Business has always taken place through interaction; this article explores how to understand the leadership landscape to know whether individual professional knowledge has been overtaken by the explosion of networking contacts. View Article

What Makes Your Firm Special? Capitalising on Your Strategic Assets

Examines the importance of understanding what makes your company special: how to identify those dimensions are that are critical to your customers and how to pinpoint the best ways to deliver value to your customers. View Article

Responsible business: the business case

When managers are asked about the obstacles in the way of embedding corporate responsibility and sustainability, people often say it costs too much. In fact if done well, it is about how it can save you money and how it can make you money. A recent report sets out ways that corporate responsibility benefits the business. View Article

Customer relationship management: making it work

Millions have been invested in customer relationship management or CRM. Originally hopes were high that this would be a win-win for the customer and the organisation. However, for many organisations this vision has not been realised. An examination of why this is so and what can be done to ensure that investment in CRM provides a good return. View Article

News from Best Practice Clubs

A regular spot where topical subjects and guest speakers as featured by our best practice research clubs are brought together in one place to help inform and inspire. View Article

Doctoral Research Previews

Our doctoral research reflects some of the key issues faced in business today and the following glimpses provide insight into upcoming research findings from Cranfield. Get involved or be inspired! View Article

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