D.R. Myddelton

Cranfield School of Management

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D.R. Myddelton

Emeritus Professor of Finance and Accounting


David Myddelton


  • Financial accounting
  • Financial management
  • Economics

David was educated at Eton and the Harvard Business School. He is a chartered accountant. From 1972 to 2005 he was Professor of Finance and Accounting at Cranfield School of Management, since when he’s been an Emeritus Professor. Since 2001 he has been Chairman of the Institute of Economic Affairs, a free market think tank. David has written many textbooks on accounting, financial management and economics; and other books on privatisation, the British tax system, inflation, accounting, accounting standards and government project disasters. He is also a prolific writer of letters to the newspapers, especially the financial Times.

David was for many years Chairman of the Cambridge Business Studies Project Trust and recently he served a three year term as President of the Economics and Business Education Association.
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