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Cranfield on Corporate Sustainability

By: Cranfield FacultyPublished on: 29/06/2012
Cranfield on Corporate Sustainability

Written by over 30 Cranfield faculty

Published: 29 June 2012

ISBN: 978-1-906093-82-2

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The challenge for business schools and business itself is to establish a new maxim "the business of business is sustainable business". Business schools have a special contribution to make in developing globally responsible, critical and independent thinking future leaders and managers. This book aims to provide a roadmap both for business students - the leaders of tomorrow - and for existing and engaged leaders who need support, coaching and counselling to address the challenges of the sustainability agenda. With contributions from more than 30 Cranfield faculty and associates across multiple management disciplines, the book emphasises the need for cross-disciplinarity when confronting sustainability dilemmas.

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Cranfield on Corporate Sustainability contains 12 chapters.  Video interviews with each lead author can be accessed below:

Introduction: The business of business is sustainable business, Professor Frank Horwitz

Chapter 2: Embedding corporate sustainability as a knowledge-creation journey, Professor Patrick Reinmoeller

Chapter 5: Strategic business performance for sustainability, Professor Mike Bourne

Chapter 6: Sustainability and new product development, Professor Keith Goffin

Chapter 7 & 8: Sustainable marketing, Professor Lynette Ryals

Chapter 11: Sense and sustainability, Sharon Jackson

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