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Viktor Bischoff

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What are you an expert in?

  • Languages - I teach in German, English, French, Italian and some Spanish.
  • Leading big groups - up to 200 people.
  • Doing presentations.
  • Breath and movement therapy.
  • The use of masks, as a means to study body language.
  • Initiating and teaching meditation and yoga in the Himalayan tradition.


What is it you are currently thinking about/care about in the world of work?

Bringing the soul to work; helping to develop more humanity within organisations.
Encouraging people to discover their hidden potential. Urging people to look at their own paradigms and how to move beyond them. As Einstein said, 'A way of thinking that has caused a problem, cannot resolve the problem through the same way of thinking.'
To share with people that creativity and innovation happens through self-study. Meditative and contemplative methods lead to intuitive knowledge. When applied, this can improve the way organisations use their human resources.

What would you like to see change in organisations?

I would like to see organisations put people first - to start to see a change in values and redefine the meaning of success.
I would like to see the development of the understanding that sustainable business success only comes through truly valuing the human being within the organisation.

What is special about Praxis?

Praxis is based on experiential learning and its research on innovative thinking and feeling.
Its teaching embraces all forms of human expression in psychology and the Arts, and incorporates these in to the rational, cognitive approach of the business world.
It is a very alive and joyful department, within the context of a business school. It lives what it teaches.

How would you describe your teaching style?

It promotes a holistic way of learning - it is experiential and inspirational. I challenge new ways of thinking and perceiving.
My approach is based on learning through the use of metaphor, direct experience, exercising and practising, so that people can transfer the learning in to their work lives.

Education and Qualifications

Degree in Education & Social Work, Pestalozzi Fröebel Haus, Berlin, 1976
1979-1982: Training in acting within the theatre pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq, in Bologna and Paris, and also, Movement Studies.
I lived and studied for 18 years with one of the great authorities in Eastern and Western human sciences, Dr Sri Swami Rama, in the USA, India and Germany.

Work Experience

1988-1998: I ran my own company, the Himalayan Institute, a holistic health centre in Florence, Italy, that focused on breath therapy, yoga and meditation.
1998-2001: The Industrial Society, London - Trainer and Consultant.
2000: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London - Master of Movement.
2000-current: Trainer in Personal Development and Creative Consulting for one of the world's largest wellness companies based in the UK, Japan and USA, delivering programmes all over Europe.
The training helps to identify deeply hidden potential within human beings and shows how to apply it within the organisational context. I specialise in all aspects of self-mastery techniques in this work.
2004: Co-founder and Director of an international consultancy that advises on human culture in business in Germany.
The consultancy promotes 'Excellence in Business through the development of Human Excellence', and focuses on leadership development.
I specialise in sales training with a human approach - thinking in terms of client success, rather than new sales strategies. I apply methods that facilitate creative thinking and acting, by using ancient knowledge translated into modern language. I also work with motivational training


Theatre; the Arts; meditation; yoga, cycling.
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