Lynn Crawford

Cranfield School of Management

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Dr. Lynn Crawford

Visiting Professor

BA (Hons) PhD

With a background as architect, project manager, regional planner and policy adviser, and with qualifications in human resource management and business administration, Lynn has considerable experience both as a project manager and an adviser to project based organisations on human resources, strategic and business planning and development issues.

In her role as Professor of Project Management at Bond, she is involved in project management practice, education and research and supports the strong international relationships of the University through a teaching and professorial role at the Lille Graduate School of Management (ESC Lille), France and as Visiting Professor at Cranfield University. Through Human Systems, she works with leading corporations that are developing organisational project management competence by sharing and developing knowledge and best practices as members of a global system of project management knowledge networks. She is currently involved in three PMI funded research projects - Exploring the Role of the Executive Sponsor, The Value of Project Management and Impact of Complexity Theory on Project Management. Results of a completed study have been published by PMI in a book titled Project Categorization Systems: Aligning Capability with Strategy for Better Results. She has contributed chapters to key texts in project management including the Wiley Management of Projects Resource Book and the 4th Edition of the Gower Handbook of Project Management. Lynn has been actively engaged in the development of global standards for project management since the late 1990s and has been instrumental in the formation of the Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards (GAPPS).

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