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John Faulkner

Visiting Fellow,
Cranfield School of Management

John Faulkner


High Performance Leadership

What are you an expert in?
Coaching individuals and high performance teams.
Body/Mind therapy and its practical applications.
Physical and emotional exercise.
The connection between sport and business.
Work/life balance: including assertion, stress and personal awareness.

What is it you are currently thinking about/care about in the world of work?
Leadership in organisations.
How to empower people.
How to help people be responsible for the self, within the pressures created by work and
home life.

What would you like to see change in organisations?
The understanding of high performance leadership.
The provision of space for creative and dynamic people.
Less stress and more enjoyment without effecting output and production.
Making the phrase 'people are our most important asset' real and tangible within

What is special about Praxis?
Praxis concerns itself with people in an experiential and holistic manner. It connects with people at a deep and practical level.
It has an ability to make people aware of their positive and negative habits and behaviours, and yet is still able to affect people in a totally positive way.

Why does the programme you teach at Praxis matter in business?
The High Performance Leadership programme locates the leadership quality in a person and gives them the confidence to use it back in the workplace. It recognises in others what is required for leadership.
The courses, by their nature, 'free up' people to be more of who they really are, and then to have the confidence to take it back into home and work life. They evoke a conscious realisation of the potential in oneself and the ability to see it in others.
The programmes insist on a holistic approach towards delegates. Equal importance is given to the mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual and symbolic nature of the individual.

How would you describe your teaching style?
Interactive and experiential. I use experience of stories, maps and models.

Education and Qualifications
Ordinary National Diploma in Building, 1966
Institute of Quantity Surveyors, 1966-1970
FA, Full Coaching Badge, (Football), 1976
Diploma in Sports Studies, National Coaching Foundation, 1989
NCF Advanced Coaching Workshops: Training for Peak Performance, A Question of
Style, Evaluation in Sport Performance, 1983-1989
Certification to Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor Therapy, 2004

Work Experience
Qualified Quantity Surveyor at Wates Ltd.

Professional Footballer: Leeds United, Luton Town, and in the USA, Memphis Rogues and
California Surf.
Professional Football Coach: Luton Town and Norwich City, (first and youth teams).
Assistant Manager: Luton Town and Norwich City.

Independent Business Consultant
I have designed, tutored and facilitated on a wide range of skill programmes in leadership,
teams, coaching, assertion, and stress workshops.
I have developed individuals through executive coaching and mentoring and run workshops
for High Performance Teams.
I have run numerous programmes with organisations including, Prudential, Lufthansa,
Storehouse, Marconi, Digital and Business Post Plus.

I began working with Praxis in the mid-1990s, after having attended the Managing People Effectively programme as a delegate.
At the time, I was First Team Coach at Luton Town Football Club, which was in the Premier League.
The course, its tutors and its messages were powerful, practical and enlightening. We connected. Subsequently, I helped to design and tutor on one-day programmes, whilst still in working full-time in professional football.
In 1998, I started my own business and became a permanent member on the tutor team, and subsequently co-designer and tutor on the High Performance Leadership team.

Sport in general. Travel and hiking.
Biographies. The Body/Mind therapies.

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