Marie Koulikoff-Souviron

Cranfield School of Management

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Marie Koulikoff-Souviron

Visiting Fellow

Dr Marie Koulikoff-Souviron is currently Professor of Supply Chain Management and Director of the MSc program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Formerly a product line/supply chain manager with Dow Corning Health Care Europe (1984-1999), she teaches supply chain management in the CERAM Grande Ecole and MSc programmes. She was the CERAM Associate Dean for Research between 2004 and June 2007. She was recently elected to the board of the European Operations Management Association (EUROMA). She is a Visiting Associate Research Professor, RH Smith School of Business (U of Maryland) and a Visiting Fellow with Cranfield School of Management. She teaches on the PhD programme of the University de la Mediterranée (Aix en Provence) and of Trinity College (Dublin). She lectures supply chain management on the MBA programme of the Centre Franco-Vietnamien de Formation á la Gestion (CFVG) in Vietnam.

A CERAM graduate, she holds a masterx degree in English literature and a PhD from Cranfield School of Management and is a graduate of the International Teacher's Programme, from IMD (Lausanne). Her research is dedicated to interdependent supply relationships and their implications for HR. She is a Faculty member of the CERAM centre of expertise Competence, Knowledge and Organization.

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