Anne Melvin

Cranfield School of Management

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Anne Melvin

Associate, The Praxis Centre

B.A. French, English

Anne Melvin


  • Facilitating individuals and organisations to access deeper dimensions of creativity.
  • To move from the mental/personality level of creativity to deeper levels, where significant shifts in perception can occur in both the individual and the organisation.

Anne is an Associate at The Praxis Centre and has over twenty years experience in management development particularly in field of personal development and psychology in an organisational context. She is a UKCP licensed Therapist and has a Private Practice in London. She has worked as a Senior Executive Mentor for Coutts as well as working with private mentoring clients. For the past fifteen years she has facilitated personal development groups on Praxis Centre Open Programmes and has also facilitated groups on a broad range of customized change programmes.

Anne has delivered programmes in management skills to both public and private sector organisations.
+44 (0)1234 744553

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