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Anne Shearman

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Anne Shearman


Increasing Personal Power
Praxis Customised Programmes

Masters in Organisational Behaviour
Diploma in Counselling
Trainings in Centaur, developmental psychology, gestalt, constellations, large group interventions, psychometrics, emotional intelligence mapping

Work Experience:  
  • 14 years running own consulting business with partner
  • 5 years internal consultant and OD manager in PwC
  • comprehensive school teacher, latterly deputy head

What are you an expert in?
  • applying systemic approaches to OD, team and individual work
  • developmental psychology and emotional intelligence approaches
  • combining both the above

What is it you are currently thinking about/care about in the world of work?
As complexity and pace mount in organisations, I am interested in developing consulting methods which are focussed, pragmatic, timely and timebound.
I am part of a community of practice developing systemic approaches which meet these criteria, and have the capacity to really unlock energy and potential in people and contexts.

What would you like to see change in organisations?
I would like to see organisations and groups becoming more conscious and aware of the inter-relatedness of all their practices and relationships. Sustainable success for the business and the individual flow from this.

What is special about Praxis?
It attracts a creative, lively group of tutors and delegates who are stimulating to work with. It has a long standing reputation for delivering leading edge, holistic approaches, which are rewarding to be involved with.

Why does the programme you teach at Praxis matter in business?
I teach the Centaur model on various programmes. This model matters because it combines profound intra and interpersonal insights with practical applications to individual behaviour and group dynamics. Its holistic approach to cognitive, emotional and physical energy is aligned with the latest neuroscience research base, and is key to sustainable improved work performance and well-being.

How would you describe your teaching style?
Adults learn best through active engagement and inquiry. I seek to create safe spaces for dialogue and reflection, paying attention to group and individual energy.


  • Restoring our Victorian house and garden
  • Physical activities of many kinds, but particularly walking and sailing
  • Singing in a local choir
  • Theatre-going

+44 (0)1234 751122

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