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John Gattorna


Visiting Professor,
Cranfield School of Management

John Gattorna


Logistics & Supply Chain Management

John Gattorna established and led Accenture's supply chain practice in ANZ/Southern Asia for several years, and was one of the Firm's most respected 'thought leaders'. Before joining Andersen Consulting/Accenture in 1995 he operated his own consulting company, specialising in marketing, logistics, and channels strategy, servicing an international clientele. These days John is generally regarded as a global 'thought leader' in the supply chain management space, and continues to be much sought after as a speaker on the international conference circuit. John has authored/co-authored several books and numerous articles on marketing, marketing planning, pricing, customer service, channels strategy, logistics, and supply chain management. John's latest book, Dynamic Supply Chain Alignment, has just been published by Gower Publishing, Farnham, 2009. His penultimate book, Living Supply Chains: how to mobilize the enterprise around delivering what your customers want, was published by FT Prentice Hall in 2006, and written specifically for C-level executives in major global enterprises. A Chinese language edition was published in November 2007, and Indian and Italian language editions have also been released. A Portuguese language edition was released in Brazil in July 2009. A Portuguese language edition was released in Brazil in July 2009. An earlier work, the Gower Handbook of Supply Chain Management (5th edn), published in 2003, is regarded as the definitive text on supply chain management theory a Chinese language edition was published in 2004, and a Russian language edition was published in Moscow in 2008. An earlier book co-authored with Andrew Berger, Supply Chain Cybermastery, was published at the height of the e-commerce boom in 2001, and has since been translated into Chinese. Strategic Supply Chain Alignment, was published in 1998, and was the first publication to bring a behavioural dimension to the task of building high-performance supply chains. This book has since been translated into Japanese and Chinese. John also writes numerous short articles for magazines around the world on topical issues related to supply chain management.

Although John originally came from industry he has a strong academic pedigree having taught undergraduate, post-graduate, and executive programmes at the University of New South Wales and Macquarie University in Sydney; Oxford and Cranfield Universities in the UK; and Normandy Business School in Le Havre, France. He currently holds Adjunct Professorships at Cranfield School of Management and Macquarie Graduate School of Management, and is Chairman of the Advisory Board at the Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Victoria University, Melbourne. He also teaches on the M.Comm programme at Normandy Business School, Le Havre, France.

In the early 1990s, John was one of the original co-developers of the "Alignment" concept, and since then has continued to research, develop, and apply this powerful framework to the design and management of enterprise supply chains. His work has evolved into the current 'Dynamic Alignment' model which is fast becoming the new business model adopted by enterprise supply chains, globally. Going forward, John intends to continue his research, teaching, and writing in the supply chain space, as well as provide independent advice and mentoring to C-level executives and Boards around the world.

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