Amama Shabbir MBA (Karachi), MPhil (Cranfield), MSc (Reading), PhD (ICMA Centre, Reading)

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Amama Shabbir

MBA (Karachi) MPhil (Cranfield) MSc (Reading) PhD (ICMA Centre, Reading)

Research Fellow,
Cranfield School of Management


Amama Shabbir is a Research Fellow at the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurial Performance and Economics at Cranfield School of Management. She is currently researching on the venture capital industry in the US. She holds an MBA (Finance) from Institute of Business Administration, University of Karachi, Pakistan, an MPhil in Enterprise Development from Cranfield University, UK, an MSc (with distinction) and a PhD (Finance) from the University of Reading, UK. The focus of her PhD research was on governance issues in large listed companies in the UK. Amama has considerable previous experience of lecturing in the fields of Finance and Economics as well as Entrepreneurship and New Business Development. She has lectured at a number of prominent business schools in Karachi, Pakistan including the Institute of Business Administration, one of the oldest and most reputable in the country. She has also been involved in management consultancy having worked on projects for a number of national and international organisations including USAID, NORAD and the Government of Pakistan. She has written general interest and academic papers in the field of entrepreneurship including the Journal of Business Venturing, one of the most respected academic journals in the field.

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Tel: 01234 751122

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