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Cranfield Research into Customer Management

Many companies carry out research to help them find out more about their market and their customers and to gain competitive advantage as a result. But, useful as it is, market research carried out by a single company rarely addresses the more general problems and challenges that face managers in business today. It is through more broad-based management research that we gain deeper insights into issues that concern practitioners.

Cranfield University excels in the field of management research and, as a result, has developed actionable management advice and tools that make a fundamental difference to the way practitioners work. Much of the research into customer management is sponsored by the Customer Management Forum, where research topics are formed each year to respond to members’ hot issues.

Current and recent research topics include:

What constitutes a great customer experience?
Outsourcing customer management at the front line
Tracking the channel-hopping customer
The preconditions for successful CRM
Balanced scorecard for customer management
The impact of multi-channel experience on satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy
Does multi-channel consistency matter?
Customising through data
Optimising multiple channels

Research results and reports are restricted to Forum members for six months after publication. Other reports, articles and case studies based on our research are available to download from the document library.

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