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Cranfield is Leading a 3-Year Joint Research Project on Trying to Minimise Food Waste in Qatar

By: Centre for Logistics & Supply Chain ManagementPublished on: 05/01/2016
Cranfield is leading a three-year joint research project called SAFE-Q (Safeguarding Food and Environment in Qatar), providing strategic input for the management of food supply chains.

With discarded food making up more than half of all Qatar's waste, the project is attracting considerable media attention in the Gulf region.  Funded by the Qatar National Research Fund, the $835,000 project also involved Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar, Brunel University in the UK and the University of Western Sydney in Australia.

Dr Emel Aktas, the principal investigator for Cranfield, said "This 'waste into wealth' project in Qatar aims to examine the causes of food waste in distribution and consumption, with a focus on minimising waste occurring in the food supply chain.  With their country so dependent on food imports due to the climate, a lot of people in the country are uncomfortable with the excessive amount of food waste."

After initial workshops with key stakeholders back in May were very well received, Emel returned to Qatar at the end of October to interview supply chain professionals and consumers.  An online survey was also conducted during November.

Emel added: "By collecting data on food waste through interviews and consumer surveys, we're focusing on operational problems occurring during the transportation and storage of food and providing an estimate of the waste occurring in distribution.  I've personally already learned a lot about the supply chain infrastructure in Qatar.  

We will establish the link between the frequency of distribution to food quality and security, develop simulations on food waste, assess risks and develop policy recommendations to reduce and eliminate this waste."

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