Safety, resilience and reliability

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Safety, resilience and reliability

Supervisors:  Dr Colin Pilbeam  and Professor David Denyer

We are currently seeking strong PhD/DBA candidates to engage in the study of safety, reliability and resilience.

Why is it in industries where large scale risk and potential harm is commonplace, some organisations own a glowing track record of safety and reliability whilst others struggle? How do they comfortably manage the unexpected whilst others flounder? When companies do run into trouble, some ‘bounce back’ rapidly, yet with others we see the opposite. How is this organisational resilience achieved?

Projects may take a range of forms but must focus on organizational and/or leadership aspects of the topic. You will join an experienced supervisory team who are working on various aspects of safety, reliability and resilience. You will receive extensive training in management and organization research methods. You will contribute to workshops and events and will have the opportunity to disseminate research findings by means of conferences and publications.

Application Details: You will be either a practitioner with experience of managing safety, resilience and reliability (DBA) or hold a minimum 2.1 class undergraduate degree in business and management or related discipline (PhD). You must be committed to making a difference to policy and practice (DBA) or generate publications in high quality journals (PhD).Please see Admission Requirements for English language requirements. 

Funding Details:  Funding for a full time PhD may be available on a competitive basis through the Cranfield School of Management studentship scheme

Deadline: Expressions of interest alongside a CV are invited via email  and by mid-April for bursary applications or June if you are self funded or company sponsored.

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