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Cranfield School of Management

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Jacquie Drake


Praxis Founder and Visiting Fellow,
Cranfield School of Management

Jacquie Drake



As a Co-Founder of The Praxis Centre I have been involved in the design and/or delivery of the majority of the Praxis programmes both open and bespoke.

What are you an expert in?

Personal development.
Synchronising different perspectives.

What is it you are currently thinking about/care about in the world of work?

The quality of time that is spent at work and the quality of the contribution that is actually made: I suspect that much of what we do is counter-productive. We need to wake up to what is going on around us, be creative and take ownership.
Business now wields enormous power in the world and must become conscious of its duty to all of its stakeholders. It is time for business leaders to rethink their psychological contract with society.
Ecological awareness and action.

What would you like to see change in organisations?

A different attitude to opportunities - those that can be taken (most are never noticed) and those that can be given (to talented people, who are seen as too young, too old, or who have allowed themselves to become too dull).
Responsible wealth generation.
More collaboration between organisations - public, private and voluntary.

What is special about Praxis?

Praxis leads the field as an innovative centre of excellence in management development. It has pioneered many new approaches to developing managers.
It has an extraordinary team of tutors who are bold, wise, creative, good natured and experienced. They enjoy their work and working together - and the participants feel it.
It connects the worlds of the individual and the organisation - and values them both. It helps participants to be insightful about themselves, their relationships, their role and responsibilities and the organisations of which they are part.
Praxis focuses attention on the personal development of the participant - on who he or she has become, what is valuable about that, and how they can move on to be more of who they want to be.
It creates an environment within which people can challenge the way things are - dig deep and make thoughtful changes. Sometimes, it is a small, but important, next step. At others, it is a profound shift.
Praxis operates at different levels to meet a wide range of needs. Knowledge is shared; skills are practised; feelings are acknowledged; psychology is probed; new possibilities are explored and embodied - and real progress is made.

How would you describe your teaching style?

Interactive: there is always a lot of discussion and application back to work.
Collegiate: I like to think of myself as an external colleague.
A mixture of intellectual, imaginative and practical: all these approaches are important, as different people learn in different ways.

Education and Qualifications

BA Hons, Economic History, Exeter University, 1972
MBA, Cranfield School of Management, 1976
PhD in Management Development, Cranfield School of Management, 1981

Work Experience

1972-1975: The Open University: marketing it to the non-OU sector.
1981-current: Cranfield School of Management: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour.
From the mid-1980s, I introduced new ways of learning at Cranfield. This crystallised in to The Praxis Centre, which I co-founded in 1995.
1982-current: Management consultant, working internationally, to a wide range of organisations, public and private.


Living with my family; being in the fresh air.
Dabbling in the arts; reading; travelling.
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