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Refreshing Performance Measurement and Management Systems

Supervisor:  Mike Bourne BSc & BCom MBA PhD CEng ACMA

Just as organisations change, so should performance measurement systems evolve. Yet, far too often in organisations, measurement systems seem to grow haphazardly. When organisations encounter particular issues or problems they often introduce new measures of performance as a result, but rarely do they delete measures when they become obsolete. The third area of the Centre's research seeks to explore this issue and understand how performance measurement and management systems can be managed dynamically.

We have conducted research into the competences required for the refreshing of measurement systems and interplay between strategy and performance measurement in utilities, but there is still work to be done around refreshing measurement systems at different levels of the organisation and the frequency and context of the change.

Prof Mike Bourne, Centre for Business Performance is happy to consider applications from people interested in working in the broad area outlined above.

Contact Details:

Prof Mike Bourne
Director, Centre for Business Performance
Tel: +44 (0) 1234 754514

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