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Management of innovation

Supervisor: Marek Szwejczewski BA (Hons) MSc MSc DipM PhD

The majority of research into innovation has focused on new product development by manufacturing companies. While, research into the approach taken by service sector organisations has been limited. A pilot research project, that the author was involved with, suggested that innovation management was becoming more of a concern for service organisations.

The aim of this research is to examine an issue that is key to senior managers running service organisation: what are the best ways to improve the innovation performance of a service sector company? To try to answer this question three service sectors will be studied: legal, financial services and telecommunications. The research questions that need to be addressed as part of this research are:

  • How many companies in the service sectors are facing the need to become more innovative?
  • How are the companies managing the innovation process?
  • What are the challenges managers face in attempting to make their companies more innovative?
  • What are the innovation best practices being adopted?

Other Areas

Other proposals investigating innovation in the manufacturing sector would be welcome, for example the management of process innovation and the involvement of manufacturing personnel in this activity.

Doctoral Researcher Profile

The candidate should have experience of working on new product development (in manufacturing or service organisations).

Contact Details:

Dr Marek Szwejczewski Tel: 01234 751122 email:

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