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Andy Logan BA MA


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High Performance Leadership
Power & Influence
What are you an expert in?
Psychology; coaching, working with myths and story; the development of the human being in body-mind and spirit. Most of my work is with adults, some with children. I am planning to do some work with teenagers on `myth and meditation`.
What is it you are currently thinking about/care about in the world of work?
Leadership; the development of individual potential;
The moral and ethical development of leaders and teams in organisations. Sustainability - how do we carry on working and organising in a way that means we have a sustainable future, both economically and environmentally?
The development of consciousness.
What would you like to see change in organisations?
An integration of the bottom line with care for the human condition - and, therefore, the sustainable development of the organisation.
What is special about Praxis?
There are a number of things that are special about Praxis. As the title suggests, it has a commitment to, and a real expertise in, combining theory with action.
It has a real commitment to expertise, not only in the appropriate cognitive inputs for the work we do, but in helping people experientially, embodying what they are learning, connecting with it emotionally and finding emotion-focused strategies for taking it back to work.
One of the key special features of Praxis is its concern and commitment to depth: seeing beneath the surface of what is happening in a team or in an individual.
It aspires towards `height` - encouraging and supporting people to grow beyond their current level of consciousness.
The quality of Praxis tutors is special. Not only do they live what they teach; they also combine running programmes within Praxis with outside business and coaching practices.
This means that they bring with them from the outer world, a knowledge of what the participants are concerned with and grappling with. They also have a deep knowledge of the inner world.
Why does the programme you teach at Praxis matter in business?
High Performance Leadership matters because there is nothing more important than the quality with which businesses are led.
A leader not only affects directly the area of work he or she is concerned with, but the quality of that leadership affects everyone else within the organisation - not only influencing the quality of individual work output, but the quality of work-life experience for the rest of the organisation.
HPL is important because the world at large, and the business world in particular, is more-and-more characterised by complexity and inter-connectivity.
The traditional approach to developing managers and leaders, which focuses on discipline, control and intellectual capability is valid, but not adequate, for the modern business environment. We need, not only emotionally and intellectually literate people, we also need leaders capable of working with the higher orders of intuition and inspiration - and that calls on the imagination.
Not only are these qualities typically not present in many business school programmes, but, by and large, our whole educational thrust really doesn`t know how to access and develop them.
On HPL, we have found a way of bringing these qualities together, to develop the kind of capabilities in leaders that are not normally addressed. We also give leaders the capacity to deeply understand their own lives and leadership journeys.
How would you describe your teaching style?
It is a combination of intellectual rigour with imagination and poetic inspiration. I try to pay attention to what is important, what it is I am trying to say, whilst also what it is the participants need and want.
Education and Qualifications
BA Business Studies,
Brighton Polytechnic, 1973
MA Organisational Psychology,
Lancaster University, 1974
Between the late 1970s and today, a series of courses on dance and movement theraoy, bio-energetics and group therapy.
Work Experience
Research Fellow, then Research Officer, in management learning and development, Manchester Polytechnic.
Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology, Manchester Polytechnic
In-company trainer, British Rail, 1984-1987.
Started connection with Cranfield, 1987.
Founder member of The Praxis Centre, 1995.
Currently working with Praxis and as an independent consultant.
Cinema; theatre; martial arts; walking; climbing; many sports; reading myths; travel; music.




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