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Josie Sutcliffe 

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Confident and Creative Presentation
Walking Your Talk Impact Performance
Praxis Customised Programmes
What are you an expert in?
I am an experienced workshop leader/teacher in the fields of devising/making theatre, improvisation, risk management, personal and organisational development, and creative dialogues.
What is it you are currently thinking about/care about in the world of work?
I care very much about working ethically and with integrity.
I want work life balance to mean just that - for all and not just myself. I would like to see healthier human beings involved in healthy businesses.
I want to see a new metrics for the work that we do - a new language for the idea of successful business and a new understanding of what profit for all might mean. I am interested in an ongoing discussion around values and how we value what we do.
I am also very interested in the notion of leadership and what we might mean by that.
What would you like to see change in organisations?
I would like to see a shift in thinking around the health and welfare of all in an organisation; an understanding that human beings are `ends` and not `means` (Kant).  
I would like organisations to understand the value of examining their processes, not just keeping an eye on the product; to see an exchange of goods and skills that goes beyond the normal expectations.
What is special about Praxis?
Praxis has an ethos that is able to encompass and, indeed, forward, a creative approach to work. It draws people to it who think beyond the normal paradigms of work and business.
This makes for an extremely creative `think tank` of academics and practitioners, who care about education for life/living and sustainable practices.
Why does the programme you teach at Praxis matter in business?
Because it is important to think and act clearly. It is important to understand oneself, first and foremost, in order to communicate with others. 
93% of communication is done through the voice and the body - only 7% through content (information). Most of the time people do not have an awareness of the signals they are displaying. It makes sense to understand how to communicate the `what`s` of your particular business. It saves time, energy, reputation and, of course, money!
How would you describe your teaching style?
Supportive, passionate, enabling, thorough. 
I invite participants to join me in exploring certain issues and themes, connected with their ability to `perform`. 
I expect that people want to know more - and that includes me! I understand, and am prepared for, the fact that people will feel fear at certain points - especially when they leave their `comfort zone`. I create an arena for participants to express theirs fears and hopes for a better future.  
Education and Qualifications
BA (Hons) Theatre, Dartington College of Arts, 1985
MA Theatre Studies, Exeter University, 1994  
Work Experience
1979-1981: Company Director of various companies including, Mother Truckers, an all-female light haulage business. 
1996-current: Education Outreach Tutor for the Royal National Theatre.
Teaching the theatre methods of playwright, Bertholt Brecht, to teachers, actors and directors.
1985-1994 and ongoing: Freelance Theatre Director and Teacher in UK and internationally. 
My latest position was at the Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik, Iceland, March/April 2004
2001-2005: HEFCE/DTI Business Fellow at Dartington College of Arts.
I am one of only eleven people to be funded by the Higher Education Funding Council of England and the DTI.
1996-2003: Director of Theatre and Principal Lecturer at Dartington College of Arts
Head of university department. Leader and manager of team of full-time and part-time academics and practitioners. Overseeing curriculum development, staff continuing professional development, staff and student recruitment, retention, timetabling/space allocation and the care of souls.
2003-current: Partner in a consultancy and facilitation company that uses theatre with organisations and business.
Collaborative working; arts and business and cultural change. Man`s inhumanity to Man. Circles.
Education - ways of learning.
Music - listening, going to concerts and `gigs` (last one PJ Harvey in Birmingham).
Film - art house movies mostly.
Reading - mostly around world religions, mysticism, spirituality, the sacred and the profane.

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