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Steve Kuhlmann BSc MSc

Visiting Fellow



Influencing Skills in the New Workplace
Praxis Customised Programmes
What are you an expert in?
Much of my work is around developing people, and hence organisations, to their full potential. It focuses on managing change, leadership and getting the best from others. It also involves trying to get people to be more courageous and challenging.
My resources come from all branches of learning and I am still discovering more!
What is it you are currently thinking about/care about in the world of work?
The potential in all organisations to be at least 5% better. How to do this through people and make the planet a better place, by focusing on the two things below. It`s all about values and behaviour.
What would you like to see change in organisations?
Two things that are linked: more long-term thinking and replacing greed with need.
What is special about Praxis?
A kaleidoscope of wonderfully interesting people, providing a raft of new ideas for collaboration.
Why does the programme you teach at Praxis matter in business?
Because, however technologically orientated companies and organisations are, their success depends on people.
How would you describe your teaching style?
Inclusive and challenging.
Education and Qualifications
BSc Econ, University of Wales, 1967
MSc Econ, University of Wales, 1969
Work Experience
I started life in accountancy, before `personnel` was invented, and when finance did all the HR. I liked it and was good at it, so what followed was 12 years as a human resources and industrial relations director in both public and private sectors - a British university and engineering organisations. As part of that experience, I managed, with others, to transform a couple of organisations for the better, negotiated a painless takeover, and had the misfortune to have to close a plant.
I made a career shift to principal lecturer in a business school for eight years. I found I enjoyed providing a learning environment and that I was rather good at it. Three years in organic farming followed, hand in hand with the consultancy. I learned a lot of new skills.
In 1988, I formed a management consultancy with three fellow directors. Originally a partnership, and then a company, we started life with three clients! We now work with large and medium-sized private sector organisations, principally multinationals; large NHS Trusts; doctors and dentists nationally; the Department for International Development in Afghanistan, Trinidad and Georgia; large local authorities and voluntary and not-for-profit organisations. People continue to fascinate me and I have never been really bored yet!
I have been a Visiting Fellow at Praxis since 1998.
Sport: I am an ex-footballer, cricketer and squash player. For three years, I was a squash referee in grand prix tournaments and I have been a professional cricket umpire and coach for the past 16 years. After a 30-year break, I have also just gone back to golf.
Walking - principally long-distance footpaths for one of the charities I support.
Protecting the environment - voluntary work for the Royal Society for the Protection of
Birds as a volunteer warden on Ramsey Island every year. I work for two wildlife trusts.
Cooking and drinking good wine - life is too short to drink the cheap stuff!
I have also just bought house in France, which should keep me busy.


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