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Entrepreneurial Performance and Economics

Supervisor: Andrew Burke MA (NUI), MSc (LSE) DPhil (Oxon)

In the field of entrepreneurship we are encouraging applications focusing on economics and financial aspects of entrepreneurial performance as this is where our current expertise lies.  We also strongly believe that the more rigorous research on entrepreneurship tends to be in these disciplines and hence any person aspiring to a career in academia ought to become competent in these leading technical methodologies.   Therefore, we encourage PhD theses focusing on performance aspects of firm start-up, survival and growth as well as entrepreneurial finance.  In terms of specialist entrepreneurship journals, both `Small Business Economics` and the `Journal of Business Venturing` give a good indication of the style of research we seek to foster.  In the field of entrepreneurship, we believe it is easier to learn the more quantitative methodologies while on a PhD programme rather than take the alternative path of qualifying in softer skills and later trying to learn quantitative skills while lecturing.  In terms of jobs, there is a shortage of academics who can lecture on entrepreneurship in a real world context while simultaneously being able to undertake quantitative research of an international standard.  At the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurial Performance and Economics we encourage both rigour and reality so that our PhD graduates are well placed to secure employment in rated universities.  

Contact: Professor Andrew Burke (Centre Director), tel +44 (0)1234 754372, email

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