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Managing Through Measurement

Supervisor: Andy Neely BEng MA (Cantab) PhD

Supervisor: Mike Bourne BSc & BCom MBA PhD CEng ACMA

Most organisations today have access to vast tracts of data. With the result that many managers feel that they are ?drowning in data?. The Centre for Business Performance is seeking to address this challenge through a series of projects which together are exploring: how managers can better extract value from the data they have access to, how managers can ensure that the measurement data that exist in the organisation are acted upon, how managers can best use measurement data to communicate and motivate people, especially through the design of appropriate visualisations.

Two members of the Centre for Business Performance supervise PhD candidates ? Professor Andy Neely (Director) and Prof Mike Bourne. They are happy to consider applications from people interested in working in any of the four broad areas outlined above. (See also the Centre?s specific project)s.

Contact Details:

Professor Andy Neely Tel: 01234 754932 email:

Prof Mike Bourne Tel: 01234 750111 email:

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