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Project-to-Project Learning and Innovation Networking in R&D

Supervisor: Marek Szwejczewski BA (Hons) MSc MSc DipM PhD

Supervisor: Keith Goffin BSc MSc PhD

Research and development (R&D) is a strategically important function in leading companies, in not only the manufacturing but also the service sector. The extensive literature on competitive advantage and core competencies stresses the value of knowledge in R&D projects. A PhD project at Cranfield (now nearing completion) has investigated the use of so-called post-project reviews (PPRs) [meetings of the project team to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a completed project] in R&D. PPRs have been recognized as an ideal tool to generate and spread knowledge from one project development project to the next.

Building on the current research by Ursula Koners, the new PhD research would investigate the frequency of usage of PPRs in industry and how they can effectively disseminate both tacit and explicit knowledge. The research will be designed to address the problems commonly encountered in managing knowledge in R&D. A multiple methods approach is likely to be used and the research will have strong implications for both practitioners and knowledge management researchers. Strong focus will be given to identifying viable solutions to the many management problems that exist in managing tacit knowledge in an R&D environment. The project could be conducted as either a PhD or a DBA.

Contact Details : Professor Keith Goffin and Dr Marek Szwejczewski (details as above).

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