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Creating customer value in use

Supervisor: Stan Maklan BSc MBA PhD

In a seminal article, Vargo and Lusch document the emerging consensus of marketing we are moving from thinking of marketing as exchange to that of enabling customers to maximise the value from our goods in services as they use them. For example, people don?t want computers, they wish to be productive and accomplish tasks ? hence the growth of IT outsourcing the past decade. Using this perspective of value-in-use, we will come up with radically different business models. The nature of the brand promise will also change.

Do firms really look at value-in-use? If so, how do they measure it and how do they take the results of those measurements back into the firm?

Possible methodologies: case studies, interview or survey.

Possible Detailed Areas of Research

  1. Examples of successful implementation of the value-in-use concept for marketing/strategy.
  2. How, or do, companies monitor the value they create for customers?
  3. How do they construct feedback and management systems to align their business processes to creating value for customers?

Suggested Basic Reading

Vargo, S. and Lusch, R. (2004), `Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing`, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 68, No. 1, pp. 1-17.


Dr Stan Maklan, tel +44 (0)1234 751122, email

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