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Marketing Measurement and Accountability

Supervisor: Stan Maklan BSc MBA PhD

One of the most elusive challenges for Marketing is to assess the value of its activities and strategies in a manner that is meaningful to those responsible for allocating resources within a company.

For many years, Marketing bodies have called for more research in this area. Much has been written about the impact of improved disclosure of marketing measures (e.g. customer retention) upon share price. Yet, despite these calls for greater measurement and accountability, there is no clear consensus as to the development of an overall management assessment system for marketing, appropriate metrics to assess different marketing activities and how marketing metrics should be deployed.

Possible detailed areas of research:

1. Measuring the return on a specific area of marketing activity such as generating word of mouth / endorsement, advertising, publicity etc.

2. The impact of using marketing metrics, or a management assessment system (e.g. balanced scorecard), upon business performance and or marketing performance.

3. Case-based, grounded analysis of developing and implementing marketing measurement and accountability: a ?theory building? or development of a conceptual model.

Suggested basic reading:

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Please note that Cranfield has a best practice club, a joint initiative with industry, devoted to this area ? Marketing Measurement and Accountability Forum and I can endeavour to make some of its resources available for the preparation of a research proposal. The URL is

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