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Strategic Branding

Supervisor: Simon Knox BSc PhD

Research topics:

  • Brand building across channels
    • multi-channel access and consistency in the brand experience
    • consistency in brand commsunications across channels
  • Developments in gateway brands
    • building brand alliances
    • managing the brand network
  • Branding in the telecoms. Industry
    • market structures
    • competitive brand strategies
  • Branding in financial services
    • market definition and brand positionings
    • brand promise vs. brand experiences
  • The impact of corporate social responsibility on brand reputation
    • csr and brand strategies: managing the vision and values
    • cost/benefit analysis
  • Developments in grocery retail brands
    • own label penetration and market share
    • merchandising and internationalisation
  • Vision, values and the corporate brand
    • mechanisms for cultural change
    • strategy and structures
  • Managing the corporate brand
    • Stakeholder management
    • structure and responsibilities
  • Employer branding
    • internal branding and recruitment
    • employee mobilisation

Contact Details:

Professor Simon Knox  Tel: 01234 754321  email:

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