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The Practice of Market Segmentation

Supervisor: Paul Baines PhD MPhil DipM PGCHE BSc. (Hons)

Supervisor: Hugh Wilson MA (Oxon) DipCompSci (Cantab) PhD

Market segmentation is a cornerstone of marketing practice yet its practice and implementation is mysteriously relatively under-researched. There are numerous opportunities to develop understanding in the field, in the following areas:

* How stable are market segments in different industries? Is there a universal way of measuring segment stability?

* How do market segmentation research programmes affect organisational structure and design? Should companies organise around segments and what happens when segments change?

* What is the link between market research which disaggregates customers in markets and CRM which promotes the development of customised individual relationships?

* How is market segmentation linked to the more general process of developing customer insight? Do market segmentation practices differ by industry and, if so, in what way?

For more details contact Dr. Paul Baines,, tel. +44(0)1234 758041.

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