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Valuing market assets ? brand and customer

Supervisor: Stan Maklan BSc MBA PhD

Business Issues / Background

As of 2005, throughout Europe and beyond, companies must value (on the balance sheet) the value of the acquired brand(s), customers and know how. Then they must reappraise these valuations annually and charge to income any loss in value. There are few, if any, robust valuation methods.

There are many theses possible around this topic: valuation methods for customer and brand assets what companies are doing in practice to meet these new obligations and the impact of increased disclosure on analysts? appraisals of companies and or financial markets.

Possible Detailed Areas of Research

  1. How should firms value their brand(s) and customer bases in consideration of recent accounting rule changes?
  2. How can firms separate brand value between corporate and product brands (e.g. Microsoft and Windows)?
  3. What are the brand and customer valuation practices employed by UK or European firms?
  4. What is impact of brand and or customer valuation upon financial markets ? financial analysts perceptions of the firm?

Suggested Basic Reading

Brand valuation: (Ambler, 2003), (Aaker, 1991)

(Schultz, 2001)

Customer valuation: (Chang and Tseng, 2006),

(Gupta, Lehmann and Stuart, 2004), (Ryals, 2002)

(Rust, Lemon and Zeithaml, 2004)

Impact on financial markets and analysts:

(Capraro and Srivastava, 1991)

Details of suggested reading- Valuing Market Assets:

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