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Enterprise-Wide Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management

Supervisor: Joe Peppard BBS MSc PhD FICS

Enterprise-Wide Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management

In recent years, business intelligence (BI) - the use of data analysis tools to support business decision makers - has been undergoing a fundamental change. Once the preserve of business analysts, statisticians and other information specialists, there is increasing demand for this analytical power to be made directly accessible to managers and many other employees who do not have specialist analytical skills. The technical challenges are being overcome through increasingly powerful hardware and innovations in IT and information architectures, but the organisational implications are not well understood.

The proposed research should ideally investigate the challenges of using business intelligence systems on an enterprise-wide scale. Topical issues that could be included within the study include:

  • the challenge of enabling non-specialists to obtain fit-for-purpose information and interpret it appropriately when making decisions
  • the need for collaboration between IS and analytical specialists to provide analytical support for a growing range of strategic, operational and domain-specific decision makers who use BI tools
  • the organisational aspects of standardising data across the enterprise to enable consistent reporting and performance measurement and
  • the business and culture change implications of using BI systems to monitor and manage performance at different levels from corporate strategy to day-to-day supervision of operations.

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