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Micro Stategy and Strategizing for Information Systems

Supervisor: Joe Peppard BBS MSc PhD FICS

Professor Joe Peppard is interested in hearing from potential PhD candidates who would like to consider research addressing any of the themes outlined below.

Micro Strategy and Strategizing for Information Systems

An emerging school in the strategic management literature is the micro perspective on strategy and strategizing (Johnson et al., 2003 Whittington, 1996 see also Often referred to as the "Strategy as Practice" school, it emphasises the detailed processes and practices which constitute the day-to-day activities of organizational life and which relate to strategic outcomes. This momentum towards a more micro perspective is in response to growing frustrations with the contemporary academic literature. Part of the problem is that there has been a macro focus in research that is remote from practice, particularly the normative models resulting from it. Research in the Strategy as Practice genre emphasises how people engage in the doing of `real work`. In addressing strategy as practice, the focus is on strategy praxis, strategy practitioners and strategy practices, i.e. the work, workers and tools of strategy (Whittington, 2002).

This research seeks to explore, at a micro level of analysis, information systems strategy and strategising. It will explore the patterns of interaction and involvement as strategic activity is pursued. The research will elicit the detailed processes and practices that constitute the day-to-day activities that make up IS strategy and strategising in practice. The focus of the empirical data collection will be on those engaged in the real work of IS strategising. Crucially, the research will examine IS strategy not as something a firm has but something a firm does.


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