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Firm Performance in Regional Clusters

Supervisor: Mark Jenkins BA MSc DPSE PhD

Within the broad area of firm performance in regional clusters a number of potential research questions can be identified:

  • What is the nature of the relationship between firm location and performance?
  • How do proximate inter-firm relationships impact on a firms ability to innovate, to demonstrate dynamic capability and to deliver on key performance measures?
  • Do regional support strategies for firms actually have any impact?
  • How do regional clusters grow?

These potential questions are all focused on the relationship between firm performance and location. Professor Jenkins has been studying the role of industry clusters with particular reference to the UK motorsport industry for the last eight years. He is keen to develop this work further by recruiting a number of capable and enthusiastic PhD students. Although there is no requirement for a specific academic background, qualifications which include regional policy and economic geography would be particularly relevant.

The specific nature of the projects will be defined in discussion with the prospective candidates.

Contact Details:

Professor Mark Jenkins Tel: +44 (0) 1234 751122   email:

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