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Demand Chain Management

Supervisor: Peter Baker PhD MSc BA FCILT FHEA

Increasingly, commercial organisations recognise that they need to be ?customer-centric? in order to compete successfully in today?s volatile markets. However, achieving customer centricity is problematic, mainly because the roles of marketing, operations and supply chain departments are quite distinct in the vast majority of companies. Traditionally, marketing has been viewed as responsible for demand creation whilst supply chain (or ?logistics? or ?operations?) departments have been seen as being responsible for demand fulfilment. The connection between these two has rarely been managed in a fully-integrated way.

There is a growing realisation that the activities of these two crucial disciplines should be much more closely linked if organisations are to respond rapidly to the varying needs of different customers. To be able to do this, organisations require a greater level of customer insight in order to segment markets, as well as the agility to manage multiple supply chains that can meet these divergent segment needs. This has recently given rise to the emerging idea of ?demand chain management?, where the strategies of marketing, supply chain, and operations, are fully aligned.

Potential research topics include:

  • The role of the supply chain function in the development of business and marketing strategies

  • The interrelationship between business strategy, marketing and supply chain segmentation. For example, to what extent are the same segmentations applicable to these areas?

  • The implications on supply chain policy of different segmentation frameworks - for example, in terms of the role and disposition of inventory, distribution centre network design, and supply chain processes

Applications are invited from researchers in these areas.

For an informal discussion, please forward your experience and area of research interest to Dr Peter Baker.

Contact details:

Dr Peter Baker

Tel: 01234 751122


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