The Cranfield PhD - Long-term collaborative relationships within competitive environments.

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Long-term collaborative relationships within competitive environments.

Supervisor: Richard Wilding BSc PhD CEng Eur Ing FIET FCILT FHEA

Previous research undertaken at Cranfield School of Management investigated the drivers for success and failure in long-term relationships within a monopoly environment. 54 monopoly relationships were investigated during this research. This research demonstrated that often a cycle of failure within the relationship could develop creating a situation where neither party would gain advantage, this would result in a highly sub-optimised supply chain.

It is recognised within many supply chain relationships within commercial/ competitive environments that due to trends in outsourcing, globalisation and centralisation many relationships are becoming increasingly long-term presenting organisations with limited choices within their supply chain, thus some competitive/commercial relationships are becoming increasingly monopolistic in nature.

The PhD research would extend the current work undertaken with monopolistic relationships to focus on the nature of long-term collaborative relationships within competitive supply chain environments, it is envisaged that common principles and key differences will be identified which will help organisations from a variety of sectors to improve collaborative relationships thus creating competitive advantage for all the ?players? with the supply chain.

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Dr Richard Wilding Tel: 01234 754170

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