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Lunchtime Seminars

The Centre for Executive Learning and Leadership welcomes visiting speakers who present at our lunchtime seminars for faculty and researchers.

Visiting presenters have included:

  • Brad Jackson (23rd February 2010) Towards a Geography of Leadership
  • Steven Taylor (27th May 2008) Creative Leadership.
  • David Sims (18th February 2008) Looking for the key to leadership under the lamp post.
  • Jean Neumann, (October 2007) Varieties of Experiential Learning for Scholarly Consultancy Practice.
  • Donna Ladkin (November 2006), Leading for Sustainability: The Case of the CORE Building at the Eden Project.
  • Elena Antonacopoulou (October 2006), Building Learning Capability for Innovation and Competitiveness.
  • Russ Vince, (April 2005) Management and organizational learning: In theory and in action.
  • Vivien Hodgson, (April 2005) Exploring the Philosophy and Theoretical basis of Networked Learning for Educational Practice.
  • Jonathon Gosling, (February 2005) Sanguine in Sarajevo.

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