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Grey Skies Thinking

In an article for the February 2011 edition of Ethical Corporation Professor David Grayson says that companies can benefit from recognising that society is ageing.  Click here to read the article.

How 'social intrapreneurs' can drive innovation in your business.

In The Guardian Sustainable Business Blogof 28 February 2011 David Grayson explores how some people manage to tacklesustainability whilst also creating profit for their companies.  Clickhere to read the article.

Financial Times Soapbox

In an article in the FT "Soapbox" of 3/10/10 David Grayson discusses the integration of new management skills for sustainability into the teaching of business schools.  Click here to read the article.

Green Innovation and Design

David Grayson was quoted in an article by Fiona Harvey in the Financial Times, 16 September 2010: "Green Innovation and Design.  Big names see which way the wind is blowing" The article examines the fact that "reshaping products and services around sustainable principles is a business issue that will not go away - despite the recent financial crisis and recession.  Sustainability is now the key driver of innovation."  David is quoted as saying "for companies seeking ideas on how to redesign their products and services, the most valuable resource could be their own staff."  He urges organisations to look for a new breed of "social intrapreneurs" - entrepreneurs within a big organisation - among their own ranks. "Engaging employees is absolutely essential.  If you support intrapreneurs in the right way, you could see hugely profitable ideas come out of it." He points to companies such as Google, which allows employees to use 20% of their working hours as free time which they can spend on green projects that could benefit the company in the future. He also cites Marks and Spencer which offers grants to employees to fund ideas that will further their Plan A initiative.

Centre for Corporate Public Affiars, Sydney

Professor David Grayson was interviewed by Analyst George Onisiforou at The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs in Sydney. Click here to see video highlights of the interview.

 The Association of Business Schools profiles - Doughty Centre

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